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Thursday, March 16, 2006

LOL @ PS3's Actual Graphics!!

For all those fanboys who claimed the PS3 would be capable of the visuals shown at E3 (Killzone, Motocross, F1 etc..), take a look at these recently released screenshots of Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Mind you, this game is at 50% completion, but it's going to be a launch title. If I were Sony, I'd be embarrased to release these screenshots.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Breaking News: PS3 Delayed Until November in Japan!

Just before it reached the point of comic absurdity (alright, it might have already hit that point) Sony has acquiesced: the PlayStation 3 isn't shipping in the next three months, despite what their website says to the contrary. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper is reporting that the PlayStation 3 is being delayed until "early November" in Japan due to complications with the AACS copy protection system being implemented into the Blu-ray specification.

The unsourced story broke in Japan this morning, hours ahead of the 3pm (1am EST) Sony conference where we imagine this--and other--PS3 unknowns will be eliminated. With a November release in Japan, Sony would need to coordinate a simultaneous launch in the US in order to capitalize on the lucrative--and strategic--holiday shopping season. A simultaneous launch would be a first for Sony, who have historically launched in Japan first, with US and European launches following.

We're sure you're all as shocked as we were to hear the news. Seriously, we're just glad that soon, maybe by this time tomorrow, we won't have to bring you daily updates about the PS3 being delayed, not delayed, definitely delayed, still on track, not in manufacturing...

This news is all that "unexpected", but at least it's confirmed. So those estimates arent that far off, plugging an early 2007 release for North America. If Japan doesn't get thier batch of PS3's until late Novemebr, there is no way North America is getting any Playstation action in 2006.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Revolution Graphics Demonstration Video

Take a look at this video Reggie presents.
If those are indeed ingame graphics, I cant see any reason why the Revolution can't hold it's own in the next-gen graphics battle.

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Playstation 3 Spring Launch is "impossible"

Namco Bandai president Takeo Takasu has gone public with his knowledge, or lack thereof, of the PS3's launch date. Takasu told Bloomberg, "Without any announcements so far, the spring release is impossible." In response, Sony issued a vague rebuttal, stating, "Nothing has changed with our plans." But if Namco Bandai, a company that helped boost the PlayStation brand in the past, is still in the dark, then it's safe to assume (as recent certification setbacks have implied) that the PS3 will not launch in Japan within the next few months. But Takasu isn't necessarily concerned, just as long as Sony's next-gen console hits retail by the winter shopping holiday season.

I for one, am tired of Sony's "Just wait a little longer" marketing strategy. But then again, how else would they prevent all those people from growing impatient and running out to buy an XBOX360?

It's becoming clear how far Sony is behind Microsoft in the next generation (graphics) development. I mean, even from the real-time footage circulating on the web, I really dont see that much of a difference to warrant a release that far behind a competitor.

Source: Joystiq

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Atlus denies Revo Trauma Center...for now

Given that the game largely involves slicing open people's pulsating internal organs, we were quite excited to hear about the supposed confirmation that Trauma Center was coming to the Revolution. So excited, in fact, that we hastily contacted someone at Atlus and demanded (or pleaded for, depending on how you look at it) further information. We spoke about a few things, but the official line is the one you may not like.

As it stands, Atlus officially denies the IGN "confirmation" of a Revolution-based Trauma Center sequel. Now, we'd be willing to place a substantial bet on the game appearing eventually, possibly as soon as E3--the only point of contention here is that Atlus has not officially said anything about the game. Given how well the original title made use of the DS touch screen, it would seem almost painfully obvious that the franchise is a surgically precise fit for Nintendo's controller. Sometimes a denial is all we need to confirm our suspicions.

(Subtle, Ludwig. Real subtle.)

I'm really looking forward to this title for the Rev. It has unlimited possibilities for fresh game play, and will undoubtedly show-off the controller's innovative features.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Revolution Box Mockups

Here are a bunch of Revolution box mockups floating around the internet. They are pretty nice, but 100% fake. Nintendo's image is definetly moving into the sexy and sleek category (ala apple), which is evident with the recent release of the DS Lite and of course, the revolution.